2020-2021, Scholarships Winners

GearHead Scholarship Grace C
GearHead Scholarship Jamie H

Scholarships are for past Gearhead members who graduated from the club. Students may only apply one time for a scholarship. Once a student is awarded a scholarship they no longer qualify for a scholarship. Scholarships can be used towards college or trade school.

  • A: 1 year members can apply for a one time $500 scholarship.
  • B: Two year members can apply for a one time $1,000 scholarship.
  • C: 2 ½ to 3 year members can apply for a one time $2,000 dollar scholarship.

  1. Applications must be emailed to
  2. Students who are applying for scholarships must be a past Gearhead member.
  3. Applications will need a cover page with student name, email, phone number and which scholarship A, B or C.
  4. Applications will need a resume. This will include your school and community activities, community service, extra curricular activities, awards.
  5. One letter of recommendation from a staff member, employer or community project leader.
  6. Students will write a one page essay using one of the following questions. How did robotics impact your life? How have you used gracious professionalism in your journey throughout highschool? How has robotics affected your choice in a career path?
  7. All essays must be typed in MLA format. (12pt font, Times New Roman)
  8. Scholarship are open Starting April 2023
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